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Denture Prices

Full Set Single Set Partial

Standard acrylic teeth set in standard acrylic.

£595 £350 from £350

High detail, multi-layer acrylic teeth set in high impact acrylic. Additional gum contouring and choice of cosmetic setup make this ideal for patients requiring a more natural, higher detail finish.

£895 £500 from £500

Highest quality Swiss Candulor porcelain or acrylic teeth set in Hi-Base acrylic. Includes the Gum ColourTone system for the most natural and high detail finish possible.

£1395 £800

The Ivoclar Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) offers unrivalled results. Highly specialised measuring and manufacturing techniques for the best fit and function possible. Unique Ivoclar injection moulded acrylic for maximum accuracy. Very few providers can offer the BPS system due to the additional training requirements and manufacturing skill involved. SIMPLY THE BEST!

£1995 £1100

Additional Items

Soft Base with new denture – £195

Hard Reline per denture – £150

Tooth coloured clasps – £90 each

Hi-Base / Lucitone – £100 per denture

Soft Base added later to denture – £250

Vitallium Chrome / Valplast – £225 each

Metal clasps (added to acrylic) – £40 each