How to look after your dentures: Top 5 Denture Cleaning Tips

Keeping your dentures clean is not only important for your denture but important for your oral health. We have put together our top 5 denture cleaning tips. 

1 The brush

The right brush is extremely important. A specific denture brush is always the best option as it contains longer, softer bristles so that you can brush every area of the denture. 

2 The paste

There are specially made cleaning pastes made for dentures. Toothpaste made for natural teeth can be quite abrasive and scratch the surface of dentures. Scratches can make microscopic dents where food and plaque can build up.  Using bleach is not recommended as it is a hazardous substance; bleach also makes the acrylic discolour. 

3 Sterilising/ultrasonic cleaners 

There are lots of different sterilisers available to buy. They differ in the time the denture should be exposed to the cleanser and in the main ingredient used. Soaking cleansers usually contain cleaning agents that kill microorganisms. The bubbling action removes the contaminations. We recommend trying a few to find one that suits you best. Always use for the recommended time stated in the instructions.  

Ultrasonic cleaners usually clean off tougher stains. They are small baths that allow your dentures to soak. 

4 Cleaning area

When cleaning dentures we recommend you clean them over a towel or a bowl of water so if you do accidentally drop them they are less likely to break.

5 Storage

When you are not wearing your dentures for any extended amount of time, such as at night, we recommend you keep your dentures in lukewarm water or a mild soaking solution. Keeping dentures moist will ensure that the acrylic won’t become brittle and the denture will keep its shape. Make sure you give them a good rinse off before wearing. 

Finally, if you would like your dentures professionally cleaned, we can arrange this for you. Call us on 0800 096 5222 for details.

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