Dental facelifts help turn back the clock

False teeth have never had a very glamorous reputation but growing recognition of the impact dentures can have on the appearance of sagging jowls and facial lines is giving them new appeal.

The appearance of lip lines, wrinkles and drooping facial muscles can be transformed by a set of well-fitting dentures. Men and women are discovering that a new set of teeth really can roll back the years.

Dubbed the “dental facelift”, qualified dental technicians are now working with denture wearers to shape and contour their new dentures to provide adequate height and facial support to support facial muscles and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Until now improved facial structure has been an unexpected bonus for denture wearers but thanks to advances in technology that result in a better fit there are more and more denture wearers who have extra reason to smile. Take a look at our patient’s before and after denture pictures shown in our smile gallery and see the difference for yourself.

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