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Our range of new dentures is designed to cater for all budgets and requirements. From an Economy set, through Cosmetic options to the top of the range Swiss teeth Candulor with Colour Tones - we can design an individual denture to suit you. We specialise in ensuring that you will play an integral part in the choice of materials , design and cosmetic finish of your denture. We can even offer 5 year breakage guarantees on selected dentures ! Other additions such as soft comfort bases are available at extra cost.

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Our technicians can design your denture to your instructions or work from photographs. You will have ample opportunity to try in and make changes to the setup until you are totally satisfied BEFORE we finish the dentures. You can even take the wax setup models home and try them for a few days if required to make absolutely sure that you like the design !

By shaping and contouring the denture to give adequate height and facial support, we can provide what has been labelled "A Dental Facelift" by many dental professionals. Lip lines and wrinkles, sagging mouths and sunken smiles can all be significantly reduced by a carefully crafted set of dentures providing individually tailored support to key facial areas.

Please call us on 0800 096 5222 to book a free consultation where you will be shown all the available options and cosmetic effects suitable for you. No obligation - just an informal 30 minute chat so that you can decide if you like what we do. If you do - we can normally have your new dentures ready in around 2 -3 weeks.

NB Partial dentures containing Vitallium chrome frames can take up to 4 weeks.

* Economy denotes the use of NHS grade materials which will be used to keep production costs to a minimum


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