Molloplast-B ®


Molloplast-B is a permanently soft, silicone-based denture liner. It can be added to new dentures or used to reline existing dentures. Molloplast-B can also be used for covering major defects due to malformation or surgery.

Molloplast-B exhibits high elasticity and moulds itself to the gums during chewing.

Because it is permanently soft, Molloplast-B offers the patient greater comfort and stability than a normal hard acrylic surface. Although Molloplast-B may not have the same lifespan as the denture it is attached to, it can easily be replaced with 3-5 years life anticipated in normal use.

Many fixatives and bleach based cleaning agents e.g Steradent can damage soft liners. Please consult your dental professional for advice before using any product to fix or clean your denture with a soft liner.



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